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El Nido (“the nest” in Spanish) is a transitional living program for homeless victims of domestic violence and their families. Located in central San Diego, in a confidential site for safety reasons, the project offers stability in housing while allowing the residents to offer emotional support to each other and less isolation during this stressful time in their lives. It also is respectful of residents’ autonomy and provides as close to a real-life scenario as possible.

Residents live in an 11-unit apartment complex for up to a year or more. And with the assistance of a case manager, obtain the counseling, child care, employment, educational and transportation services they need to become self-sufficient. Each of the units is beautifully furnished by a local congregation.

If you know of someone who qualifies for El Nido, please have them call us at (619) 563-9878 to complete a phone screening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m interested in the El Nido Program. What do I do next?
Call El Nido Program office at (619) 563-9878 and the staff will complete a phone screening with you and describe the program in detail.

Q: Does everyone who applies for the El Nido Program get accepted?
Unfortunately, not everyone can be accepted. We have to consider how many openings we have and your family size. We also want to make sure that as a program we can provide you and your children with the services you need. Some families are not appropriate for this program and can be better served through a different program.

Q: How long does the application/screening process take?
The process takes a minimum of three weeks to complete.

Q: If I am accepted into El Nido, how long can I stay in the program?
The program is basically a twelve month program depending on your individual goals and your continued commitment towards following your case plan. Your case plan will be established with your case manager once you enter the program.