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Rotational Shelter

The Rotational Shelter is a seasonal emergency, night-time shelter program utilizing area congregations of faith to house, feed, and care for 12-15 men, women, and children throughout the County. Entrance to the shelter is obtained through screening by case management agencies.

How it works:

                              • Small, volunteer-run shelters set up outside of downtown San Diego in congregational facilities (for example, a church hall, temple classroom, library, etc.)
                              • Offers three meals a day, case management guidance to help you achieve your goals, bus tokens, showers and a lot of personalized attention
                              • Rotates to a different congregation every two weeks
                              • Workshops on Budgeting, Job Development, Life Management, and Housing are provided for our guests

Length of stay:

                              • Up to eight weeks, providing you follow your case plan and shelter rules.

Guidelines for admission:

                              • Be drug free and sober
                              • Be able to follow a case plan designed for you and with you so you can obtain your own housing
                              • Willing to cooperate with case manager and congregation volunteers
                              • Willing and able to live with up to 12 or more other shelter guests
                              • Able to follow rules of the shelter, which includes the above and other traditional shelter rules
                              • Mandatory employment and budget workshops


                              • More than half of our guests leave the shelter for more permanent housing.
                              • Over 60% have obtained a source of income by the time they leave.

What is case management?

Our case managers are professionally trained social workers who will:

                              • Continue with helping you to achieve your goals: A Case Manager and you identify goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. Case Managers will give you assignments to carry out those goals and will provide you with resources to allow you to carry them out.
                                A goal could be housing or job search. Case managers would require a certain number of prospects to be followed up and in turn would provide bus tokens and shelter as long as the requirements are met.
                                Can provide guidance even if not in shelter or after you obtain housing.



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El Nido

El Nido (“the nest” in Spanish) is our transitional living program for homeless victims of domestic violence and their families. Located in central San Diego, in a confidential site for safety reasons, the project offers stability in housing while allowing the residents to offer emotional support to each other and less isolation during this stressful time in their lives. It also is respectful of residents’ autonomy and provides as close to a real-life scenario as possible.  Learn more about our programs.

How It Works:

Residents live in an 11-unit apartment complex for up to a year or more and, with the assistance of social workers, obtain the counseling, child care, employment, educational, and transportation services they need to become self-sufficient. Each of the units was beautifully furnished by a local congregation.

Services offered include:

            • A secure, confidential, independent living environment
            • Ongoing case management services
            • A chance to build new lives
            • Referrals to community resources
            • Fully furnished 1-2 bedroom apartments
            • Positive & supportive program staff and volunteers
            • A community of families facing similar situations

Call the El Nido Program at (619) 563-9878 and the staff will complete a phone screening with you and describe the program in detail.


Senior Services

We help you find the quality care your loved one deserves and make the process of finding affordable senior living clearer, easier, and faster.
Learn more.

Senior Living Directory


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